About me

TUTKUN OLKUN – Freelance Photographer

I have started to been interested in photography art in 2002 just started by reading about photography during the term of my college years at Cukurova University even i have no photo camera yet.

One day at a time my elder brother has lend me his own camera for a while. And it was the beginning of my story.

Day by day I photographed with my theoric and practical knowledges many things/places/people in everywhere i had been around the world and also had the opportunity to work with some famous singers at their lots of events.
Now it’s a big and unique passion for me as i concluded my banking carreer on Isbank 2008 to 2017.
Among my experiences as well that being take part in their İstanbul concerts with popular Rock Music Band called ” Zakkum* ” in Turkey. In particular as a photographer of their some video-clips at the side of backstage as well. It was the big hand of them and step for me on this long way.
(*: https://www.instagram.com/zakkumonline/ )
The years between in 2017 to 2018 that i have been in UK and improved my skills on photography by collaboration with restaurant chains.
Especially ” Edessa Restaurant ” in Kent city, many cuisines take part among my works with.
My footages on publicity of town and restaurant are published in a short time on a local travel magazine named ” Isle Magazine* ” in Ramsgate city, UK on April and August issues of 2019.
(*: http://www.islemagazine.co.uk/ )
And i know this is not neither my first nor my last stop in this adventure.

Nowadays i continue on advertising works for individuals and the companies in all around Istanbul city.

Keeping this passion alive!